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[Eng] - [Rubilax] - Black-Wolves

By wolflad26#4567 - MEMBER - September 22, 2021, 14:10:08
Black-Wolves Guild now lvl 8, are looking for English speaking players to join our Guild and help it grow. We now have Discord also as a progress in work making guides for Ultimate Bosses and the higher lvl dungeons with certain mechanics, also builds for classes and lvling guides for beginners. Anyone is welcome from Veterans like myself and returning player, as I played in Beta and beginners who have just started playing. If you would like to join just leave your IGN in the post ^^.

Alternatively you can contact in game:
Fleta Flenning
Bright Pride

We are hitting the 7500/7500 Guild points mark each week too which is good ^^.

The Guild ranks are:

BW Captain
BW Vice Captain
BW Lieutenant
BW S Lieutenant
BW Ensign
BW Officer
Black Wolf
BW Rookie
BW Elite Rank 1
BW Elite Rank 2
BW Elite Rank 3
BW Elite Rank 4
BW Elite Rank 5

The BW Elite Ranks 1-5 are more pvp orientated, saved for the 5 top strongest players in the Guild. Details about all the Guild Ranks are on Discord if you join ^^.

Hope to see people signing up have fun and see you in game if you join ^^.

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Hello, I am new player from USA looking for English Guild. 
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Hey! I'd love to join! I'm looking for an active guild~ I'm a returning player but i'm more of a beginner. 
My IGN: Waffless-Yum
and my discord: sterkiherz#7005 
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Hello there, I'm a returning player looking to seriously get back in the game. I'm not too terribly of an expert about the game, but I reckon I know my stuff. You can find me mostly playing my Sacrier Roxaahn, alternatively my Discord user name is ef_dot_es#1441.
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Hello im semi-new I but i'd love to help your guild in any way i can 

Discord is Taco_Lord#6670
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