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international guild : 風の国 (kaze no kuni)(Rubilax)(Recruit players from level 20 to level 90)

By mesee#8369 - MEMBER - August 01, 2021, 13:46:06

  This is the guild I set up to lead players who want to just start playing.
  It can be seen from the name that this is not a guild with high-level buffs.
  He is a guild that provides quick upgrades for entry players.
  The purpose is to reduce the number of players who abandon the game.
  Therefore, it is not recommended for advanced players who do not want to lead new players to upgrade.
    The guild level is 5.  No buff.  

    The main task is to provide team upgrades on Saturday and Sunday, and the goal is to upgrade to level 90 in 2-3 weekends.
                                             Those who want to upgrade or lead new players can leave their ID.   : )

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