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[ENG] - Seems Good - [Rubilax]

By mearybell#1819 - MEMBER - May 09, 2021, 05:18:15

  neutral Hello everyone! neutral

The guild "Seems Good"  is opening its doors to new Members.
Our guild is an international guild on the [Rubilax] server, and we accept everyone regardless of your level or how experienced you are as a player.You are all welcome here!
  •         Guild level: 10 (max)
  •         Language used: English
  •         Bonuses: All bonuses unlocked
  •         Heaven world: Trying to get it as soon as possible
  •         Ranking system: Everyone is ranked via guild points
  •         Discord server: The cutest server you could ever imagine uwu

       Our activities related to the game mainly consist of helping new players in various ways including:     

    neutral   Our discord server has a channel for each class where we:
  •          Explain how the class works;
  •          Help for builds and itemization;
  •          Show the best skill sets;
  •          Have a nice/detailed talk about the class in general;
  •          ...etc.  

    neutral   Power leveling;
    neutral   Giving You a good atmosphere to enjoy time with all our other members; 
    neutral   Also, a lot of garden heaven bags to be used for their activities.

Besides having many enjoyable activities that we organize for on discord.We also have:
  •          Daily giveaways;
  •          Special and creative events;
  •          Streaming;
  •          Voice chats;
  •          Mini games;
  If you are interested in joining us, or if you have other questions please contact our managers in game:

                [Dark-glitch]                            [Anjii]                         

   [Ayeleen]                          [Azamendar]
If you can't find any of our management in game, please feel free to contact us on discord by the following IDs:

Feel free to comment on this forum post as well so we can contact you if you are interested
We would love to have new additions to our family.
Until then,
we wish you the best.
 Much love and Goodbye
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Score : 86

Hello i am new here and i would like join huh

18 0
Score : 799

Please contact me in game as AYELEEN or in discord via link or my ID TheGreatMoon#3365
Thanks for ur trust

30 -11
Score : 87

I'm interested, i want to join smile

19 0
Score : 799

please contact me in game as AYELEEN or in discord via link or my ID TheGreatMoon#3365
thanks for ur trust

32 -10
Score : 546

Can I get free cookie?

27 -1
Score : 799
30 -11
Score : 107

Best and unique guild. Join us and have fun! <3

17 0
Score : 799

You also unique person we got in our guild let s have fun all of us

27 -10
Score : 314

Really lovely guild biggrin

14 -1
Score : 799

Thank you so much 

28 -12
Score : 175

Not sure why anyone would join any other guild tbh, best and friendly guild i've seen

20 0
Score : 799

Thank u for trusting us

28 -11
Score : 546


mearybell|2021-05-10 18:07:49

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Score : 799
30 -10
Score : 23

hello, seems to me i'll join your server to join you

8 -5
Score : 799

yes sure u can contact me on discord 

26 -4
Score : 162

hadok li daro dislike bghit lihom chi haba f sowa khsosan dik l9ahba raha 3arfa rasha wdak zamal ^^ 

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Score : 546

Nice guild, big recommendation from Old Boomer Player.
No Drama guild like 99% of the other or pure selfish one, Nice job there biggrin

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Score : 162
what a nice guild i would love to join 

my name is kinee please can i enter your guild 
19 0
Score : 78

what a loveley guild can i have some hugs ?

11 0
Score : 73

imo this is the best guild ever , keep it up guys <333

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Score : 799

Thanks all for support 

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Score : 396

Hello Hello

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Score : 177

Hi, I just got back at playing and I would love to join pls. I already sent u a friend req at discord :> 

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