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[ENG] Network is open for recruitment again! ~ ☆

By Fluffary - MEMBER - March 30, 2021, 16:03:25

Hello again everyone, Coldu here! I made a post about our guild, Network, like a bazillion years ago.
That post is extremely outdated, and also mysteriously disappeared, so here's a new one!

We are recruiting again, yay! After Ankama finally addressed the nasty bugs preventing people from joining guilds, we have decided that it's about time to open our doors to new members. So many things have changed since I last posted on the forums about are guild! Firstly and foremost, here are our requirements for joining:

1. Speak English
- We're all from different countries, but we speak English in the guild.

2. Be Respectful 
- We all just want to have a good time here. 

~   ~  ~ 
Having a Discord is highly recommended, since that way you can be a part of the community that we have built up over the last few years. Network is not simply a Wakfu guild, we're a growing community of like-minded, yet different individuals, and Discord really helps us establish and reinforce that feeling of a community. Yet, if you do not wish to join our Discord server, you will be nonetheless welcomed to our guild just like everybody else! 

Guild Bonuses Unlocked:                                          |   Haven world bonuses unlocked(so far): 
- 20 Lock                                                                      |  - 10 Wisdom
- 8% Heals performed                                                |  - 10 Prospecting
- 20 Dodge                                                                   |  - 10% EXP in Miner
- 10 Wisdom                                                                |  10% EXP in Trapper
- 55 HP                                                                         |  - 10% EXP in Armorer
- 20 Air resistance                                                      |  10% EXP in Jeweler
- 20 Water resistance                                                |  - 10% EXP in Weapons Master
- 20 Earth resistance                                                 |  - 10% EXP in Leather Dealer
- 20 Fire resistance                                                    |  - 1 Kit Skill 
- 2 Kit skill                                                                    |  - And more to come soon! ~ <3 
- 4% Damage inflicted
- 10 Prospecting

If you've come all this way, why not join us? Just contact me on Discord; Coldu#1083! My IGN is Coldu, in case you want to add me there first.

If I'm not available, you can always contact our Guild Leader, his IGN is Grand. (He's the Fogger standing next to the guild logo on the right) if Grand is not available, you can try contacting our co-leader, his discord is Mael28#0686 and his IGN is Xxmaelxx. (He's the one standing next to Grand!) And if you were wondering, I'm the Eni in red ~ Looking forward to hearing from you!
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I've been looking for a warm & friendly English guild - sent you a Discord request. happy

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