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By -Echidna-#3432 - MEMBER - January 22, 2021, 06:37:54

Mystic is one of the oldest guild in wakfu, formed during the beta stage of the game.
originally established in the old remington server and now we resides in the Rubilax server as the 4th Ranked server in the guild leaderboard.
We are currently accepting applications for english speaking players from around the world.

Our guild is by no means a hardcore guild. we encourage member to play together and explore the world of twelve and have fun at their own pace, make friends and memories along the way. If you are looking for designated groups, endgame/competitive teams, power leveling, and other competitive forms then this is not the guild you are looking for.

We do not have level requirement, we have members all over from as early as level 30+ to 215 max. Daily guild quest are encouraged to reach weekly cap in order to activate wisdom/prospecting bonus on weekend. We have zero tolerance for conflict and confrontation so a mature and social mindset will be expected if you want to join.
  • level 10 (max) with all guild and haven world bonus completed
  • Multiple guild garden haven bags for member harvesting/planting purpose [Farmer, lumberjack, Herbalist] located in front of astrub center
  • Our own discord server with daily almanax, guides, helpful informations, and more
If you want send a message with your additional questions/enquiries please contact us in game or via discord to the following member.

Echidna echi / Echidna#7527 
Birdbee / BirdBee (tiny quack)#3395

If you would like to join the guild you can contact the members listed above or any one online in game and they may be able to invite you right away.

You can also leave your IGN (in game name) or discord id here in the reply below for an invite or to ask any question.

For further FAQ and rules please head to our Discord server: 
[Removed - Forum Rules]

We are looking forward to have you with us!
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Hello, i would like to join if possible.
Returning Player and still can't decide either to play Dofus or Wakfu.
Character Name: Execution (174 Iop)

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welcome to the guild~

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We're still recruiting happy

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Klaerken - 193

I'd like to join the guild again, after having my hiatus in 2016.

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welcome to the guild smile

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Hi, I just returned to the game after a 4 years break, looking forward to join your guild biggrin I have 3 chars all level 13x, my main character name is Dhamirria.

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hi there! i'll try to send an invite when i catch you online. if you have a discord tag i can contact then that'll be easier happy

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Very Lovely guild with such Nice ppl, always helpfull, no dramas and good temper

I'm happy to join one of oldest guild in game and powerfull <3

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I'm lvl 162 Cra, I speak English & Spanish, your guild seems nice and i want to be part of it, how can I join?

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Hi there, the easiest way would be to contact me in discord Echidna#7527. you can let me know when you are online and what's your IGN there. smile

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I would like to join the guild. I am a returning player from the orginal beta stage, got a lvl 42 Eca. I'm currently in a guild, but they're never really active. Would love to join up with you guys. My IGN is Grankoon Mandis

My discord tag is Onthemoneykid

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hey there Grankoon, i'll need your complete discord tag(#number) to be able to add you there. you can also contact me Echidna#7527 or in game Echidna Echi for an invite smile

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I did play yesterday with ppl from this guild, they was so kind and offered their help, i want to join it if there is a place for me ^^

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hi there, sure thing. you can contact me via discord Echidna#7527 for an invite smile

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