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SanctifieDoom | English | Freshly opened | Lvl 10 Guild

By deleville - MEMBER - January 04, 2021, 20:20:54
Sanctifiedoom is at the start of this year 2021, finally opening for the first time its doors to everyone from the Rubilax's server. 
We are people from all around the world, willing to know more people and create a strong community.
We are not a tryhard guild but as members join in, you might find some partners for all your hopes and dreams throuhout the game.
We only ask that you try to do your Guild Daily Quests during your stay in bour guild, and that you be friendly as well as polite in game as well as on the discord. 
English is a must in our guild, either to talk on discord or just to text in guild's chat for a group even if you're not exceptionally fluent in it.
We recommand having discord if you join us, but it's not at all mandatory.
> English and French speaking 
> Level 10 Guild
> No level requirement, new players and returning players are always welcome
> A Discord is available [Click Here]
> We are currently going for a Haven World
To join us, you can send a personal message in/game to : 

- Deleville
- Uniportal
- Suricat
- Raekys 
- Bella Rossa
- Safeguard-Otto

You can also post a comment right below with your IGN (in-game name) to be contacted in game, or just to ask any question.

You can join our Discord Server:
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