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Inner Fire | LvL 10 | International English Speaking Guild

By Theowarpriest#2547 - MEMBER - December 16, 2020, 21:41:45
                                                             I N N E R             fire               F I R E                                                              Passionate , Determined , Powerful

   Hello Everyone !
INNER FIRE  [Rubilax] is looking for new members !
The guild is , currently level 10 with lots of bonuses unlocked
and we are accepting everyone!
We have a stable and a good number of activity going on at the moment !
We are still recruiting though, cause we want to expand!
We are looking for new, returning or veterans as we believe we can learn stuff from every
individual and we love to help new players out !
Eager to help with crafting or dungeons/farm!

Why you should Join us ?
  • Because you are  looking for active and social players to interact with
  • [*]This is an English Speaking Guild ! Level 10 with lots bonuses unlocked
    (one of the few i suppose). Currently working on unlocking a Heaven World.
  • Yet it may not be huge but we are passionate and determined and soon powerful cause we will make it work!
  • We have a discord server so we can use voice chats and other fun channels but as well provide guides and links with helpful videos to help you out in game!
  • ''New Addition ! Guild Garden Heaven Bag! A heaven for those who want a big garden to grow and collect Wood, Cereals or Herbs! (also working on a seed stock)
  • If you are into guild management, creating events ! we have few spots open for application!
  • Simple ranking system

To join  Leave a message on this post 
Or Whisper the following Leaders + officers



We are looking forward to have you with us!
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Hi there, I'm looking for a guild, mostly because I'm newbie in the game, I've been playing on and off for a long time, but still a newbie.

I don't have much time for the game but I very much like it.

So i you would have me I would like to join.

In game I'm Derheim

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Hi Derheim you are very welcome to join our lovely guild ! Doesn't matter how long  you play the game daily to us, as there are always people on to play with! and as long as you enjoy the game, you fit perfectly smile
- Hexchanter
You can also try to /w  Hexchanter,  Threesh  or Fibonacci

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Hey there - returning player here. Are you guys still recruiting? Would like to join your guild if possible.

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Hello the Mrevnin ! Yes we are still recruiting and you are very welcome to join us! above on the first post you can see the people who can invite you to the guild! or simply let me know your character name and we will try to invite you as soon as possible, i apologize for the late reply, i was not paying much attention to the forum post lately!

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Nvm. edited

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I'm an old player, who just had to recreate all my stuff with the new servers. Really wanting to get back into the whole guild thing! Would very much like to join up with you guys if the time ever finds itself! Lemme know!

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Hi! This guild sounds like what I'm looking for. I tried PMing all of the stated characters but it seems none of ya'll are online atm.

I'll keep trying but in case you get this before I do, my character name is Greddo.

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Hi. I'm a returning player looking for a guild to join. I tried PM all the names but none of them are online. My character name is Dhamirria.

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