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[Eng] Illusions of Grandeur Lvl 10 Guild - Open Recruitment [Rubilax]

By lyricalglitchen#5423 - MEMBER - October 21, 2020, 01:09:17
English speaking but everyone is welcome. All Guild Bonuses and Haven World Bonuses are purchased, and Temporary Bonuses are available every weekend!

Once we were a Nox Guild but since the merge we went international! Everyone is welcome.
We are the most active at night, but across multiple time zones!

We play this game for the love of the game. And firmly believe that having fun and helping each other out is to the benefit of everyone! We are a casual guild with end game goals. All nations are welcome as are all levels and classes. If you see us around and are interested in joining, feel free to give us a shout! Yes we have Discord! 

Contact: Only Time Will Tell, 
or onlytimewilltell on Discord

Guild Active across various time zones!
19 -5
Reactions 15
Score : 159
Back after hiatus
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Score : 3855
Currently Recruiting All Levels

Now Recruiting! All levels and nations.
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Score : 33
Currently Recruiting

Primarily on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, feel free to contact us, or post here.
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Score : 160
Are you still looking for a new member?
IGN: Gilfreyn
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Score : 3855
Yes we are, ill keep trying to contact.
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Score : 85
hello are you guys still active i would like to join if possible. im fairly new and would like to learn the game with a guild 
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Score : 3855
Were still recruiting. New is perfectly fine. Ill keep trying to contact. Due most likely to time zones i haven't had any luck contacting you, if you're still interested please contact me on Discord @ Only Time Will Tell#2837. Thank you! smile

Still active, still recruiting!
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Score : 159
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Score : -12
0 -1
Score : 3855
Still active and still recruiting!
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Score : 43
0 0
Score : 3855
Still active!
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Score : 28
Are you guys still active & accepting new members? 
If so I'm new player & I would like to learn the game with guild.

I can contact you on discord If needed or give you my discord !
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Score : 3855
Still active, still recruiting. Feel free to contact me on Discord.
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Score : 1
Adding you now on Discord. Me and a few friends are just getting back into Wakfu. We would like to join the guild.
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