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[ENG] [Rubilax] NightWings

By TuThRo#4261 - MEMBER - October 16, 2020, 21:31:50
NightWings is an international [English-speaking] level 10 (max) guild.
We own a Haven World.
Daily activity is about ~20/290 member at every time.
Various ranks based on GP.

We welcome players of any level and nation, Offering powerleveling and assistance (with crafting, dungeons etc). Sometimes we organize special events or influence the World of Twelve through our politics.

Join us, be famous and strong!

Contact to join:
  • Tuthr (tuth#1063)
  • Zerroo
  • Lurkess
  • Ptipoin
  • My Dark Shadow
  • Deadlyjester
  • Ghoesty
  • King Makay
  • Bri'S Grone
  • Milowaterwiz

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Score : 101

Best guild ever!

3 0
Score : 115

king makay op 

3 0
Score : 69

Home Sweet Home!  See you soon, new recruits!

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Score : 306

If you're already in a different guild, I hate to break it to you but you're missing out on a lot of fun :3

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Score : 819

I joined, have not had second thoughts since. Helpful, active, helpful players who guide noob like me and I'd say helpful players. Wait did I mention helpful players? Oh I did? ok, so yes helpful players.

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