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[FILIPINO] ULTIMOS Guild is recruiting Pinoy players on Rubilax

By IorekRakinson - MEMBER - October 15, 2020, 03:07:08

Magandang buhay mga filos!

Guild Level: 10
HW Buildings: All necessary buildings that give buff are complete.

We are a Pinoy guild with almost 10 active members now lol. We are trying to revive this one.
If you are new or old or just chilling. You are very welcome.

Reply to this thread sa gusto sumali or ping me on Discord (iorek#6656).

Masaya maglaro pagmadaming at magkakasama! wicked

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Hi, I recently returned to the game. I would like to find a community in which to slowly get into the updated game.

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Hello there. The guild is for Filipino gamers. We are willing to help if you are Pinoy. happy

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Puro seen aahhaha

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