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Ill Fated Gaming is Recruiting for Rubilax

By DamienFireheart - MEMBER - October 09, 2020, 14:15:51

Ill Fated Gaming is a Level 10 English-speaking guild on Rubilax, and we're currently accepting applications for players from all over the world! The core of the guild is a long-time group of friends spanning the globe who have known each other throughout dozens of games over 14 years, starting with Ragnarok Online, and we have been in Wakfu off and on since open beta.

As you might imagine given our history, we're a group of mature, casual players looking for people who want a laidback atmosphere and are looking for friends to do things with. If you're looking to push bars, set records, or race to the top, this is not the guild for you. If you'd like to scale Mount Zinit at your own pace and make memories with friends along the way, IFG may be your calling. We only ask that you try to do Guild Daily Quests, and that you be friendly and sociable. A firm grasp of English is a must, even if you're not exceptionally fluent in it; enough to communicate comfortably. TeamSpeak info is available upon request, and strongly encouraged if you intend to make us a long-term home. We look forward to making memories with you!

If you'd like to apply, whisper one of the following players on Rubilax:
  • Dragonev
  • Weyes
  • Megabomb
  • Shahmaran
  • Ojerime
  • Ana Frango Eletrico
  • Ywtra
  • Geletra
  • Hadutra
  • Fhenretra
  • Levetra
  • Lavitra
  • Entrées
  • Iconic
  • Knapsack
  • Rancorous
  • Threads
  • Umm
  • Vintique
  • Appetizers
  • Auspicious
  • Barklee
  • Capricious
  • Casket
  • Confections
  • Desserts
  • Dinners
  • Déja Vécu
  • Economy
  • Frustrations
  • Gallows

Otherwise, post in this thread with your character name, and best time to reach you GMT +1
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Pillule D'allergie

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Welcome to our newest guildies!

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