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[ENG] Drink Ether, A Guild On Rubilax Is Recruiting

By PimpGrad3 - MEMBER - August 02, 2020, 03:31:32
Drink Ether is a new guild focused on helping new players and assisting them post merge!!
We are actively recruiting new members of all levels.
as a group we will help new members to learn how to kill monsters, complete quests, and learn helpful strategies. 
Officer positions are available and will be rewarded based on contributions.
Rank system implemented.
There is no nation requirement to join.

We Offer Rewards For Competitive Dungeons
Let Us See What You Are Made Of. 

We hope to hear from you soon!
Like the great ecaflip god's son Ush Galesh we grow bored, join a new adventure with us today!
The leaders of the guild have over 15 years of mmo experience, and have played since open beta.

Discord Server Available:
We have class specific channels dedicated to sharing information with one another about builds/equipment/furthering specific class types and roles.
Our discord features fully functional daily almanax announcements, rss feeds, a wakfu item Research robot to find items stats with simple text commands, And 60fps full HD streaming.

To Join The Guild:
PM Veggies in game,
Join the discord and request an invite,
Post here and i will respond when i am able,
 Or add me on discord and pm me: Veggies#2334

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Up for this thread cuz it's a great guild

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Looking for a nice group of people to hang with? Some support while working through the lower levels, or just some tips and tricks for how to play the game/work the mechanics?

Drink Ether has done all that and more for me!
I started playing Wakfu 6 days ago, joined Drink Ether on the third day, and from the moment I joined, I've felt really welcome here.
Nice/kind people, good atmosphere and a lot of support for a n00b like myself tongue

Come and check it out!

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Really welcoming and friendly community, they have given me tons of help as I navigate the Wakfu world!

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I really love this guild, everyone is so friendly, the discord is really active and there's always someone willing to help! I'd definitely recommend it for any players looking for a fun guild.

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Thanks for all the comments guys! They cant keep us down smile

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Who downvotes a post like this?

Veggies: "Come join this awesome community!" 

Le Troll: "Sounds like fun to me. Downvote!" 

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