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Rubilax Reborn Event

By Xander520#1629 - MEMBER - July 15, 2023, 20:39:35
Rubilax Reborn
Whether you're a seasoned hero or a fresh-faced adventurer, this is your chance to relive the magic and forge new bonds with a community of players. Rubilax Reborn is a unique initiative that brings together both new and old players on the Rubilax server. It's the perfect opportunity to start anew, experience the game from the beginning, and bring along new friends. The event aims to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where players can enjoy playing Wakfu together.
How to Participate
Join the event Discord server to connect with other players. Make a new account sometime around August 5th or sooner, then play with us!
We encourage both new and returning players to join Rubilax Reborn and be part of creating a community.

Discord server link:

Note: Rubilax Reborn is not affiliated with Ankama or Wakfu, we're just some players wanting to have fun playing the game.
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Love this idea, I haven't legit leveled a character on 1x since this game was first released so it'll be neat to experience what wakfu is like nowadays.
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We started accepting entries for our character palette contest today.  I'm looking forward to seeing the entries!
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Hi, I have some questions:

1. Is this for people who cant wait for mono-account server?
2. Is sacrificial offerings required?
3. Is there ritual to offer our lv.230 vessel to some eldrich being so we can be reborned as lv.6?
4. Do we all dress in hoodlum robes for the duration of the ritual?
5. Is this a mono-server cult?
6. Is there fruit punch beverage at the end of the day?
7. Nevermind, I'll bring the fruit punch
8. Will you sit by my side and tell me how beautiful the Korsmoz is as I reborn into this new world of  lv.6 ?
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1) Nope.  I personally have no intention of playing on the mono-account server.
2) Optional.
3) Your level 230 characters won't go anywhere, but I guess creating a new account is almost a ritual.
4) Of course not, those aren't stylish at all!
5) Rubilax Reborn has nothing to do with the mono-account server since we're playing on Rubilax.
6) Only rootbeer!
7) Thanks, but I'm not a fan of juice.
8) I can tell you how beautiful the World of Twelve and the Krosmoz are at any time!
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I'm so excited about this event! Congratulations Xander for the hard work!
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Thank you!  I'm looking forward to playing Wakfu with you. smile
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Buenas noches, full role play o miedo
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ooh, looks like i found out about this just in time. looking forward to it. 
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