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My Pwak Heaven

By Yosra#2935 - MEMBER - April 15, 2022, 17:08:10
Hop Hop the wodents invaded us

Time to enjoy it, savor their chocolate, the eggs and especially the new decorations

For this we invite you to participate in the new event: My Pwak Heaven
U need to make a serious conversation with Etnop at astrub and start collecting decorations that you will drop Use this decoration to create your best heaven bag around Pwak Theme

To participate u need to post a screenshot of your heaven bag decarted on pwak, post it on #pwak-event channel

Each screen shot will receive votes from others players who are invited to vote for the best bag

We will get 5 winners in total (5 on each server)

1st: 20m kamas + 1 fan-art + Chocapack + 7j days booster
2nd: 15m kamas + 7 days booster
3rd: 10m kamas +7 days booster
4th: 5m kamas
5th: 3m kamas

+ others surprises & gifts that will be communicated to you ASAP

To guarantee equiality we will have 5 winners from Rubilax server and 5 winners from Pandora Server

You all have till Friday 29/04 to post your pictures anc collect votes

We will announce the winners on a live twitch hosted by Fica

Meanwhile you can join the discord server

For more information and for invitation you can send me a discord invitation on : Yos#0058
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Yay, a new event.
We need more of community created events

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I love events like this. I'll try just for fun, because I love theme decorations

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Henlo ladies and gentleman papa Markone is here yet another time to promote this beauty of event that our community has made and i hope that yall will meet some ppl of same interest acting like everybodys mom in ikea that like to decorate stuff and not just put 10000000 iop tables like somebody that is writting this *stare* anyways the point of event isnt to win but to have fun and enjoy your time browsing trough all the exotic and unique pieces of decoration that our developers have made trough their hard work and effort.Wait wait check this one out. Thats all that i have to say YOLKS, may the best haven bEGG decorationist win!! biggrin (get it haha)

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Community events are my sweetspot , amazing work!


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That looks like such a good event :O
I'm gonna try it for sure!
nice job biggrin

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All aboard the yos event train!! choo chooo

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Im totaly Not being held at gun point to promote this event 

Go Community events smile 

Big Pogs for the event Manager  Yosra.

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I died with laughing biggrin biggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrin

your account name is telling us everything ph34rph34r

"Help me" xD

Thank you Mr Help^me xD and good luck

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Good luck to everyone taking part in event! Because of such interactive and entertaining events inside that fandom all we expand the range of our possibilities inside the game and just having fun together, which is amazing! And by the way I also participate in! Down there is my own house in the game realities - my Haven Bag! If you interested to support me you may leave a heart right under my application: Name: Yuga From The Brotherhood, Language: English, Server: Rubilax! And as well you vote for other participants! Good luck to everyone once more and let the most liked wins!

Also, Yosra noob!

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After some issues with votes on the Pwak event, we decided to add a new phase.

It's about the Jury members who will join this phase to give a note to the top 10 of participants (thoose who got the must votes numbers)
It will follow thoose criteria:
-Conformity with the theme: 0/5
-The beauty of the bag: 0/5
-Creativity: 0/5

To guarantee the neutrality of the jury member, we decided to select Rubilaxians players to be a part on jury member who will note the Pandorians participants, same for Rubilax

Remind that fake votes will be deletes before the selection

Thank to all participants, we hope that you are having fun decorating your heaven bags during Pwak time

PS: Candidacy still opens till the 29 April, you still can decorate your bags and post your screen of or Pwak heaven

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+ events like this (to me to win several times tongue)

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