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Quizz Event (Rubilax Server)

By Yosra#2935 - MEMBER - March 13, 2022, 15:37:08

New Event in coming

For Saturday 02/04 we reproduce Fica's Quizz Event in Rubilax

It's about a quizz of 20 questions (around Wakfu) to which u need to answer by "YES" or "NO"
For this you have to choose which Gem Haven to go to corresponding to Yes or No

All the questions will be asked in: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French to guarantee that everyone can participate without Language Barreer

Each wrong answer will kick you out from Competition

Total Rewards will be 50.000.000 kamas who will be shared between the Survivors

In case we get 1 Player surviving before the questions are done, we close the Quizz and He/She win the total of 50M

The Event will start Saturday 02/04 at 6 pm Server Time and it will be hosted on live twitch  of Womsky 

For more information contact me on discord : Yos#0058 

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Score : 176

Good luck everyone u.u

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Score : 1363

Good luck to you too wub

13 -13
Score : 70

That nice! ️

I like this one uwu! 

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Score : 1363

Don't miss it then :p

15 -13
Score : 66

I hope the questions are approachable, the rewards are tempting

7 0
Score : 1363

All the questions will be about Wakfu to test your knowledge of the game

Be there !!

15 -14
Score : 110

Wow most of my knowledge are limited to Dofus, but I wanna try

Ultraman here Yos

8 0
Score : 1363

It's going to be Fine , I know that u will make it cool

14 -14
Score : 2552

Woah cool events like that almost make me want to restart playing but then I realize I don't have the time

8 0
Score : 1363

oh sad,

U can try to think about it, it's on weekend and in 2 weeks, maybe that will bring you back to the game specially that we plan for others events too coolcool

14 -15
Score : 4191

Hey folks, be sure to to participate in this event! It will be fun! smile

Good luck.

8 0
Score : 1363

Be sure to participate too wink

14 -15
Score : 168

Wow, a big community event by the players!

Hopefully my Wakfu knowledge can help me this time.

All those lore hunting might pay off !! laugh Excited for this one! 

8 0
Score : 1363

I definetly don't worry about that, You are a Pro player winkcool

13 -15
Score : 70

The rewards are so tempting. I can't wait for the day, It gonna be very fun

8 0
Score : 1363

Yes definetly ^^

14 -15
Score : 1106

Cushty concept, gl to all the participants, rewards sound lucrative.
Trouble and time needed to organize such things are appreciated too, Cheers.

8 -4
Score : 1363

Gl to you too Vestigo <3 don't miss the date kiss

14 -15
Score : 97

Cool event and nice price, gl all.
Will be fun

8 0
Score : 1363

Yes it's going to be fun don't miss it <3

14 -14
Score : 150

Hello my fellow IOPs i mean wakfu ppl, godfather Markone is back again with another stupid banger comment to encourage yall to join this event and embrace your millionaire quiz skillz. Good duck luck and lets the BEST win. ​​

9 0
Score : 1363

It's the best occasion for you Markone to win the event and earn good kamas to remake ur builds :p

14 -14
Score : 298

So many events lately I love it!! Keep it up biggrin

9 0
Score : 1363

If the Queen Spyrem is Glad, so I can only be more than Happy wubfire

13 -14
Score : 596

Nice, can't wait to participate

8 0
Score : 1363

Next Saturday :p

14 -14
Score : 331

Good luck to everyone!

10 -2
Score : 1363

Thank you all for participation, it was a great time

Gratz for the winners

Here bellow few screenshots of the event

Stay in touch for nexts events and actions cool

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