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10 Year TWITCH Drops

By Adventurer-Z#5929 - MEMBER - March 04, 2022, 17:38:48

I'm sorry, but I think this was a badly planned concept. Not all of us own cell phones.I also spent ten minutes e-mailing back and forth to my sister, who can't speak due to a bad accident, trying to help walk her through signing up for Twitch. It was frustrating for both of us, and I have no idea if she completed the process. She seemed very upset the last time she e-mailed back,

Please try to keep in mind in future that not everyone has the same resources!

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Chill, Mark. I got in. Still waiting for the costume, though, and it's been an hour. They did say it might take time, tho.

I don't know, tho. Account is linked and it's been 4 hours, according to Twitch Inventory. Still no cods. Hopefully by tomorrow. You go to Gift Codes for WAKFU, per the instructions, right, after claiming?

Mark? You get yours? I know Axmil and another guildie mentioned nothing showed up yesterday?

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Too busy with the job hunt and trying to get set to sell the house if we have to relocate again. Plus, as I say, no cell access to get a confirmation code, which seems to be a requisite. Much as I hate to, I'll have to pass on this. Sill nothing, huh? Have you checked to see if there's a bug or anything?

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Gong to give today's a try, I imagine Ankama is swamped, so I understand.

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