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Casting Photo Event

By Yosra#2935 - MEMBER - January 08, 2022, 16:30:39

New Event in sight: Photos casting

This time we decided to give you some fun and launch an event that brings together the two communities Pandora and Rubilax together

Each one of you must take screenshots of his poses of his favorite charr and share them with details (Nick, Language, Server) on Fica’s discord server

Each photo will receive votes from the players who are invited to vote for their bests pictures

The 10 luckiest one will receive rewards :

1st: 20m + starter pack
2nd: 15m +starter pack
3rd: 10m +starter pack
4th: 5m +starter pack
5th: 3m +starter pack
6th: 2m +3 days booster
7th: 1m +3 days booster
8: 750kk +3 days booster
9: 500kk +3 days booster
10: 250kk +3 days booster

To guarantee equiality we will have 10 winners from Rubilax server and 10 winners from Pandora Server

1 Participation per player is allowed, remind that cheaters can get their candidacy cancelled

You all have till Saturday 22/01 to post your pictures anc collect votes

We will announce the winners on a live twitch hosted by Fica

 Meanwhile you can join the discord server

For more details add me Discord : Yos#0058

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hope i win this one :c GO ME  first place is red u-u

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Score : 651
wub Glad that u like it
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Score : 757

Hi , 
Yosra and Ficah many thanks to make this kind of events i see many nice entry on the event and hope to win ^^.

good luck to all participants ,

have fun


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Thank you so much <3 our biggest win is to see how you are all happy. Keep in mind that we will keep doing events even after this one.

Good luck to you ^^

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Score : 3655

Thanks for the event, guys! 

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Thank you for participating, wish you luck smile)

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Dear colleagues,
We have gathered to this place to disscuss the event that our pro players Yos and Fica have organised in the honor of this mighty game.
The participants have gathered in the discord server to send images of their favourite characters, maybe better definded as art that took so much time and effort to make.
All those photoshooting, late nights, early mornings, MATH, all the bloo....okay no not this far.
Anyways my dear comrades lets see who gets to walk on the red carpet with an oscar.(you know what i mean)
My friends and i also hope that in the future we will see events like this with such dedicated organisators as Yos and Fica are.
And of course im mostly a supporter of you know have fun it isnt important to win, but for all of you competitive ppl MAY THE BEST WIN!!
Thats all i gotta say folks you got the point
Sincerely, your godfather Markone <3

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Score : 651

Appreciate that u like it, and thanks to Ankama team who give rewards for winners

Stay in touch because we promise you others coming events

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Score : 590

Stonks, hope the event gets even more attention!

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Score : 651

Thank you Wom wub

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Score : 124

That was a great event
Thanks organizations for making one

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Score : 98

Congratulations for the iniciative, you guys rock

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