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I Know It's Been Said: Time Factor

By Downhome#7515 - MEMBER - November 02, 2021, 18:43:30

Is their any way to program in a code to allow for a 'mass dump' of Al Hallow event gatherings? I can spend 40 minutes turning in items on my man and then almost as much on my first alt. toss in a second alt being in play and it can run over an hour of gameplay.

I suspect the one-by-one approach is partly to allow time for regeneration of the ghouls, etc. so there will be more for players -- especially during busy hours.


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the focus in the early stage development of the game was not about massive crafts and such, oppening up slots on itens and blabla, so the time was "justified"; nowadays, it totally looks like gametime waste. I would much rather spend 2 hours farming than 2 hours looking at my pc screen crafting recipes.

The one-by-one approach makes sense when you're crafting equipments, but for bread and resources, that's sad, bro

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Agreed. I'm making a massive push on crating on one of my alts, and I run into this all the time.

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