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RUBILAX Tournament Rubilax 3v3 auto 140

By baghbough#8354 - MEMBER - April 26, 2021, 18:15:18

Next Tournament will take place on Mayo 1 at 4 pm Server Hour at Jungle arena in ecafiplus, and there's a spot for pretty much everyone
Participants must set up their teams and contact Mytsgun#0023  to register
The tournament is open for Brakmar, Amakna and Sufokia. Any team with a bontarian will be rejected
Each team need to have 1 brakmarian in It
The tournament will be based on 3vs3 Fight at 140 lvl auto build
The Tournament will be recorded and u can find later the videos on @nectum channel:

Rewards will be Provided:
1.- place: 1 ambush, 15 mk for each member
2.- place: 5mk + 1 ambush for each member
3.- place: 300 tears of ogrest for each member

Tournament will be on stream on Brakmar discord server, to join follow this link:

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