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I'm running into something new this Event

By Downhome#7515 - MEMBER - February 07, 2021, 04:04:49

Is there any way to erase items from the Quest inventory? So far I've received over 60 tubes, though I've completed that part with of the current event on all my characters. Now, they're just taking up storage space, and I worry about not getting needed quest items I need because I'm out of space on my main.

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No worry, there is no limit space for Quest Item Inventory, it is separate from your normal bag, which mean you can't trade it or drag out for dispose. Well, or you can said there is always has slot for each token(either is old or new) and slot for each Quest Item. 

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Thanks. Been playing for a couple of years, so I guess I knew this. Just wanted to make sure. And now it's over 100 tubes. (groan)

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