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[Event] Labyrinth Prism

By Infoglas#1636 - MEMBER - November 21, 2020, 16:12:11
World of Twelve! 
We are looking for brave heroes ready to challenge the maze architect. Boring corridors, wrong turns, but also a worthy reward await you! Prize fund - 10 000 000 kama. 
Event sponsor eniripsa from Bonta - Valbrit.
29.11.20 to participate in the event you need to visit HW 7 P.M. (server time). 
On the day of the event
  • go to HW tree (in the capital of your nation)
  • write the name of the guild "Last Prism"
  • enter.
During the construction of the labyrinth, freezes were observed, which became longer with each construction. Unfortunately, official support could not help us and we are forced to introduce an additional restriction. If you are ready to take part, you must bring 666 Essence of Shushu (it is like 25 000 kama).

We will not create a queue, so you need to donate this resource yourself
entering the maze you cannot leave HW but(!) u can save your character not far from the start of the maze. 
so if you get lost and want to go the other way, then you can use the phoenix.
time of passing the maze 1 hour 
to receive the main reward, you must first come here

there may be more sponsors to secure the second and third place awards, but for now we can guarantee the first place awards.
See you!
Р.S. This topic is for announcing the event. To discuss the event, please wait until the appointed date. For any questions you can write in discord Vitaly#7750

Р.S.S. teaser video of the maze
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yay, I hope I can participate!

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welcome happy

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hey, it's hard for me to get the essences of fab, so can I donate kamas instead of this material?

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we wrote that there is a need for technical constraints. 666 essences are a must. ask people in your guild or friends, this is a social game. don't be afraid to ask someone for help happy

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I would like to share some good news. An anonymous sponsor decided to thank us and we invested in event. 

 exclit is forbidden to complete the maze using multiple accountsexcl
and we remind about construction.
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The maze was fun to pass through, proper amount of frustration xD I'm mostly amazed at the amount of work that had to take to make something so huge and elaborate in its simplicity. 10/10!

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Thx so much guys for the event. Guildies and I had a lot of fun in it. Can't wait to see what else you make. happy

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thank you all for your participation. the event is over!
request moderators to close the topic happy
video from the event

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In the last month of spring, a labyrinth opens up for the inhabitants of Brakmar. If you want to get some relaxation or get lost a little, then we invite you in Last Prism HW. 
9th May 9 PM (server time). 
We have a sponsor who will reward those who make it to the end.

  • 10 000 000 for first place
  • 5 000 000 for second
  • 2 000 000 for third

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Good to see this event open again, can't wait

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2nd place here, nice event! i almost had the 1st place D: 

i really enjoyed the maze, maybe dont use doors next time but in general was pretty fun!

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others events are coming with new concepts <3 thx to nectum

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