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By micic#2739 - MEMBER - July 10, 2021, 21:19:25

I'm looking for a Pandora sidekick, any lvl! I can offer art! Here's an example of my art:

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Pandora is unlocked through quest, and I do believe Pandora/chad are linked as well.

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really?? thanks for letting me know!

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Yes they are linked and you can only chose one of them in the main quest of the game as a permanent sidekick at level 165 xelorium branch.

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I got my Pandora at around lvl 160, if I recall right. You have to earn her (or Chad, if you like taking risks -- Chad is soooo evil).

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Pandora is unlocked through it's own little storyline which you unlock at level 140-141 (quest starts at Astrub, look for pandora's house near the boat to the Almanax) and although this quest is pretty soloable, get ready for some minigames, grinding and a lot of leveling up so you cna continue it at lv 156.

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Evangelyne in the picture looks like Tanya Dvazhdova.

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