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I buy or accept donation of the set: Little pirate set, specifically the helmet.My name is Dan' and I'm from the guild: Efrim Crows.

By daskee - MEMBER - April 20, 2021, 01:45:46

I saw this beautiful pirate helmet in which I had never been aware, I am part of a pirate guild, I am very devout to this theme, I managed to take only the print of this player in bibliotemple, I searched a lot about some information that gave me light in knowing what the name of this helmet, later I ended up knowing that it is part of the set: Set of the little pirate , wow that beautiful, I finally stopped running squid whole and etc. I am very interested in this set, if possible only in this helmet, if someone has and wants to help me conquer this dream of living in the world of twelve with a bottle of run and hunting treasures, please contact me through this post, my name in the game is Dan', I am part of the guild: Crows of Efrim. thanks for the attention.
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