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The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions (Task 2/3)

By Lamariposadebarrio - MEMBER - October 28, 2020, 06:34:59
Character name: Telmex
Date and time: 10/27/2020- 12 PM
Map: Pandalucia; Summit of a Thousand Mist.
Server: Rubilax

Bug description: Settle the score with Count Hareboug: Hareboug wont appear after I went and tried the mission a couple of times. First time it bugged whenever I walked on the bridge there is supposed to be an animation but since he didnt appear I walked and Hareboug would be there and I simply would do the rigth click and start the figth (10/26/2020). Next day, first thing in the mornig I tried to do the Quest again where I left it and when I cross the bridge no animation, and no Hareboug standind in the middle. By luck another Hero was doing the same quest and I was able to join him and whenever he started the figth I could join. After a couple of tries we did it, but to my surprise my task was not complete (10/28/2020). So, now im stuck with this task, I tried unistalling and using the fix client on Amakna Launcher and nothing happens. Any help please, Thank you! Sincerely, Telmex.
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