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For Your Dofus Only Quest Impossible

By Munchnerfreiheit - MEMBER - October 27, 2020, 16:41:23

Hello there,

as the title suggests, I'm stuck at a quest fight that is impossible to finish. You have to fight a wobot guard as a robot. The problem is, that the wobot guard can insta kill you with 2 consecutive close combat hits.

  • Keeping your distance is an option untill the 4th turn where he gets a 10 mp bonus which is unavoidable.
  • The map is too small to avoid his close quarter attack when he has 10 mp.
  • You do have a spell that takes away mp but the 10 mp bonus is excluded by that, as he gets those 10 mp in his turn, so there is nothing you can do
  • You don't get a bonus for some reason
  • There is also no way to beat him before the 4th turn.
  • Also after he hits you, there is no way to escape, as your dodge while being transformed for this fight is too low to move away. You also can not increase your characters dodge to improve this, as your transformed stats seem to be fixed
  • So now you're stuck in front of him and he will insta kill you no matter what.
  • The only way to win is, if the AI for some reasons decides to be stupid and not attack which never happens.
  • Also and this is obviously a bug: He summons wabbit guards that can throw you over their back (teleporting spell that teleports you to the other side of the wabbit) but this teleportation spell doesn't work in this fight. It would make this fight possible if it would but your position doesnt actually change. Your character model is displayed in the new position but when using your spells they still show your old position as their center. In the fight before the bugged one this spell does work the intended way for some reason
  • The Quest also suggests that this part is for 1 Player which makes absolutely no sense, as the fight is literally unbeatable in this state.

I looked up multiple youtube videos in which people won the fight but those were old and 2 factors were different: the wobot did not get a 10 mp bonus but rather a 3 mp bonus and also the teleportation spell of his summons worked the intended way. I'd love to get some help here as questing is actually quite fun in wakfu and i hate being stuck. Maybe someone else is stuck at the same quest and we can do the fight together? Thats however not really a solution for this bugged out quest.

Best Regards
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tip: bring a friend, you can bring another person to bring a second robot.
fight immediately becomes real easy to complete!

gl, hope this helps

forgot to mention, I'm willing to assist you if you are on Rubilax, my ingame name is Ztiknl

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It's possible (I've done it), but a bit difficult if you're not expecting it. Essentially just kite it and use your ranged spell. It still has limited mp, so use yours to get away or behind a wabbit guawd.

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