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Masquaraider Clonne Bug

By ferdysyari - MEMBER - October 04, 2020, 14:32:25
Character name: Mang Dudung
Server: Remington
Bug Description: The mask master summoned by the Masqueraider is also supposed to have the three masks unlocked. but when using a Hero with spells on the third bar it prevents the mask spirit from using the third bar thus preventing some or all of the masks from being used. The next hero's third bar spells are shown instead, grayed out.
Reproducibility process: Use a Masqueraider and have an Cra as a Hero. Summon the masked spirit and check third bar.

so clone from masquarider cannot use mask skill
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So it wasn't only me, I have the same issue. Thanks for reporting, there is a hotfix right now, lets hope they are working on it 

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This bug seemed to be fixed in the hotfix, however since the server merge my masked spirit can no longer use masks again while I have a hero present in the group.

Character name: Chae Deux
Server: Rubilax

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