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Environnemental quests

By Feelip-M - MEMBER - July 10, 2020, 19:53:41

I was doing random environnemental quests at pandalousie and I often get some environnemental quests that doesn't resolve proprely.

I have 3 characters 190+. All my characters meet the level requirement. more than half(~60%) of the time it does work proprely. 

Here's a list of screenshots I took of bugged environnemental quests.

100/100 but I did 5

6/5 ?It should succeed once you hit 5/5

1/1? It should succeed automaticly once you interact with it and it didnt here. I waited the time and it did succeed afterward...  It's not supposed to be like this lol

It should give you the reward once you hit 10/10

Not only it doesn't confirm and give exp, but even sometimes it doesn't give anything to my other characters of my team!!!

Sometimes you respect every critera and it says you failed it. I'm so confused lol... 

My friend told me to go in and out of the haven bag and most of the time it does work. 85% of the time. I do have to go in really often just to make sure it confirm the quests ... For the nation environnemental quests, it's extremly painful as I had to redo some quests 3 times.............. took me 1 month to get my quests on all my character instead of 3-4 days ish 

Characters : Handle, Moodle and all alts
Reproducibility: it does happen randomly close to 40% of the time. Sometimes its 2 of 3 characters sometimes its 1 of 3 sometimes its none.
Going in and out of your haven bag seems to actually fix  the problem temporary...

Edit: It happen so often I probably could have around 30 screenshots of bugged unsucceeding environemental quests and no I don't speak about race or competitive ones... just in case someone ask lol
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Did you check that you have the right level in all your Heroes to complete the environmental?

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Ah right. I should have stated my level right away I guess.

And I'm still back because I failed Soiffard's invasion... lol I probably just lost 4m again because of a bug. I sincerely have no idea how this can fail... 

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