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Arch monster that doesnt exist + other little bugs.

By Duzy-Sadysta - MEMBER - January 10, 2020, 19:02:39

Bounty quest from Ruel gave me task to find Mulligan the Discarded but since sadida kingdom was reworked you also changed monsters there ( literraly discarded mob with same name ) and boowolves arch now is Grizzled Auburn Bowewerewolf, but killing him wont tick off quest.

Hope this will get fixed.

ps0. At end of Ruel quest, game tells to look for Ruel "before" court instead of "in front of" - slighty off translation.

ps1. When handing Garbean seeds to hunter guild - daily quest - it take Pandissident seeds instead.

ps2. Quest Life of the Hunter VIII - refear to get special drops from Vortex the Timeless as Secular Fragments which now are Age-Old Fragments.

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