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Bugged Shushu Emblems? +3 Ones

By TsutsukiAoi - MEMBER - January 10, 2020, 09:40:43

Hey all,

I've encountered a bug for at least the shushu emblems that add +3 to air and fire. Putting on the emblem does not add +3 to my air or fire skills, but rather +2 or +1, depending on the skill. As a sacrier, this is what i notice happening to my fire/air spells for when i have the emblem on.

Fire: Blood Rush (75 ->77), Burning Blood (75 ->76), Cage of Blood (81->83 ), Punishment (110->112)
Air: Motion Sickness (37->38), Tattoo Blood (81->83), Assault (61->62), Tempest (75->76), Lightspeed (112->114)

Thinking that its either a mistranslation with the effect actually taking place or an actual bug? Havent try the other +3 emblems, but i figure they showing something similar.

Would love some feedback here, as i'm feeling a bit ripped off for buying the +3 version, when i could've went for the +1 or +2 instead.....

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It increase spells level, and you put here spells damage. Slight level change wont increase spell damage by much thus numbers doesnt change that much.

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Oh! I totally thought that spell level correlated directly to spell level, but i guess that's not the case.....a misunderstanding on my part, thanks for clarifying.

The thread can be closed now, unless others feel like chipping in.

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