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By dethmidget#5126 - MEMBER - December 17, 2022, 05:21:54
I was having an issue with the ankama client and receiving the zaap timeout error. Looking through the logs it was telling me credentials were invalid. I wasnt sure why it was getting this error. I determined that by running by my steam version and ankama the anakma launcher would use my steam credentials and throw the error.

Hope if anyone experiences this it'll help.
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So should I just uninstall Ankama Luncher from steam?
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I'm having the same issue, but only on my Windows Machine... I was playing for good on my Mac... so it's a problem related with something that Microsoft broke again lol... any advance?, admins?

Update: It's actually a connection problem with the Windows launcher, I've installed it back to my mac and it's running good, It has to be something with the connection between the launcher (ankama) and the server... (hope it helps tracking something).
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This !ZAAP.TIMEOUT.ERROR! literallly always shows if I try to login through Steam before the standalone Ankama Launcher (since Steam Launcher only supports 1 acc), which is weird and needs a fix asap!!
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I've been getting this error trying to log in only through the standalone Launcher. It happens when I try to play my main account with only that account logged in.
I just got a !zaap.error.token.exception! for trying to log in with my main account while my other account was logged in as a secondary account, and I've been getting Cannot destructure property 'firstname' of 't.instance.getAccount(...)' as it is undefined. when I try to launch Wakfu through my secondary account.
Haven't tried it through Steam at all.
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