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Ankama Launcher update removes game every time.

By semis#7243 - MEMBER - March 29, 2021, 10:51:00
Character name: NoDataFound
Date and time: 29.3.2021 / 11:45~ (+3 GMT)
Map: Astrub City
Server: Rubilax
Bug description: Every time an update appears, the game deletes itself. I have no idea why this happens. It has happened now 3 times during the last 3 updates. It's not fun to install the damn game / load the game every time an update comes.
Reproducibility process: Have an update and see yourself?
Game logs:
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The launcher used to do this during it's early days,
But now it only downloads the changed files, rather than the whole game.

I think the launcher now downloads the whole updated/modified file instead of only the modified parts and writing it into the files, say if there are 2kb worth of changes made to a 20MB file, the launcher will download the whole modified 20MB file instead of the 2kb worth of changes and putting that into the existing file. (Putting this in very basic terms here, the technicality of things might be entirely different from what my observations are.)

Try installing the game to some other location though, the launcher as well and see on next hot fix when that comes if the game does the same.

I'm sure there are others who are facing the same issue, but it's not really reproducible in all cases.

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Well so far every update that has occurred the game has been forced to re-load and install. The game and the launcher are in different folders so it shouldn't be that at least.
This is just idiotic, I don't mind personally because it takes less than 2 minutes to load it and another 1-2 minutes to install it again. But imagine people with slow internet connection? HOLY SH*T! I would stop playing if I had bad connection, it would take forever to load it every time.
I just don't understand the logic behind it? If a small launcher update occurs: Game gets removed and must be installed again.
Hotfix to the game like there is one today? Most likely I will have to load and install the game yet again.

I can only install my games to my games folder. I am not going to push games elsewhere, the games already do it on their own with some of their files without my permission and it cannot be prevented in any way.

This issue just has been around ever since I started and I've been playing on-off style since the game was released (WAKFU) and was playing Dofus before that for long time.

Did not have to load and install again the game after patch today biggrin PHEW

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Sad for my case it need hours...

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JSky|2021-03-30 14:42:15
Sad for my case it need hours...


This, this exactly was my point. You only load 1.78GB for some reason. When ever I have to load it, it's 2.09GB if I remember correct. Takes 2 minutes for me, but the people who are with slow internet speeds suffer greatly if this occurs. Next time the game deletes itself, I will try to install it folder below the Client itself so perhaps that'll prevent the uninstallation. I would recommend you to try the same JSky.
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This happens because the launcher apparently sometimes forgets i which folder the game is, due to ankam changing the default save location, when it asks where to install just click "select folder" and select the folder where the game is already installed, then it works fine without having to reinstall

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