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Ankama Launcher - Installation Aborted

By normyp#5063 - MEMBER - March 14, 2021, 18:34:36

Hi I'm trying to install the Ankama Launcher but everytime I run the .exe it stops midway through and just says Installation aborted - "Setup was not completed successfully". Is there any fix for this?

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Yeah same. I have that issue too.

I found a work around to this:

1) Download the Wakfu Zip folder in

2) Once done, unzip the Wakfu Zip folder. Click on wakfu/bin/en/Win64.bat or whichever operating system you're using. That should do it. 

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Try to run the setup.exe and while choosing where to download the file , select "C:\.....\ProgramFile\Ankama1", it worked for me

Even if the file "Ankama" didn t exist...

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