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Can't connect to servers, never ending "connecting to servers" message

By Kentatsu#4674 - MEMBER - February 10, 2021, 23:23:39


I'm unable to play because I cannot make it to the character selection screen, when I launch the game the game just says "Connecting to Servers" with the time dial going in circles; I've left it for 10 minutes and restarted a couple times to try get around it but I just can't seem to get past that screen.

Thanks in advance smile

Sorry, the game states "Connecting..." not connecting to servers. My apology.

If it helps, I am using the Ankama launcher from the website directly and not through steam.

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Same problem

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Hello there,

Are you guys still having trouble with connecting to the game?
If the issue is still there. Send in a ticket to support with as much information you can provide,
so that it can be verified and resolved.

You can contact support by going here

^^ [Iroko]

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same, after adding a character, the game stuck at loading forever sad((

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