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The server cannot be accessed ; please check your internet connection.

By YasaiTsume - MEMBER - November 28, 2020, 12:00:13

But my internet is fine, I can access Ankama sites too, it seems to be just the launcher. 
Tried looking around if anyone has such a problem too, but can't find anything.

Is this a bug or is server down? 

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It might be server side, while ago around 15:30 Server Time, me and a couple of friends were hit by a random lag spikes mid dungeon,

It started with 5,000 Ping, eventually 20K, 50K then frozen, attempting to relog/reclient ends up being locked out from the game, unable to reconnect.

But the issue resolves itself after about 3~5mins of constant attempts of reconnecting, then everything is back to normal at 200ms Ping. Not sure if the incident is related.

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I think it's a weird bug or something like that, cause I also had this problem and my internet was fine. I waited couple minutes and nothing changed. I had to reset my router to fix it. 
If this happens agains try to reset your router or turn off your wifi for couple seconds.

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Tried all the methods suggested, and even tried some stuff I looked up online regarding past cases and still can't seem to find the issue. 

Well, looks like its time to take a break from the game. 

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