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[Guide] Running wakfu in chromebooks / chrome os devices.

By iNTiMiD4T0R - MEMBER - September 13, 2020, 09:36:20

Hello there,

Recently have I had some one ask about the same. So figured out now that school's are back on.. and you have them chrome os devices, It would be good time to play some wakfu after homework. (don't try this at school.)

Let's get to it then! : Go to your chrome os settings and scroll all the way down to the option to enable Linux. (Yes)

2 : Now we have to start entering some commands till the end of this so make sure when you enter them to not make any typos and if possible just copy and paste the commands into the terminal. Press enter after each command.

The commands :\

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install libnss3
I ran the commands before so your results will be different from what is in the screenshot.
Move onto the next stage after these three commands are done.

3 : Downloading, Preparing and Executing the Launcher.

To download the launcher enter:


This will fetch the latest app image of the launcher from the site.
Next command you have to enter is well if you don't want to change the launcher file name that is would be
Note : If you renamed the launcher file like in the step after and it didn't launch then use the same command with the new name (sudo chmod +x Ankama.AppImage)

sudo chmod +x Ankama\ Launcher-Setup-x86_64.AppImage
Side track mission if you want to rename the launcher to not have the issues with space.

mv Ankama\ Launcher-setup-x86_64.AppImage Ankama.AppImage
This will rename the launcher to Ankama.AppImage

Now you are pretty much done and all you have to do now is to enter this command when you want to run the game

There you go!,
You have successfully launched the launcher on your chromebook and can proceed with the installation of wakfu and continue on. Have fun! huh
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