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Feca Glyph Kill

By hiseldisel - MEMBER - November 06, 2019, 14:39:28

I didn't find this bug reported before and it happens like every day.

When you kill a Monster with the Feca Glyph, sometimes it takes ages for the mobs turn to end (although it dies right at the beginning). This happens especially often for those mobs, that are at the end or the beginning of a turn. It isn't the worst bug, but waiting for nothing is tiresome. Especially when you try to do environmental quests and don't have the time to wait. If this bug works with glyphs, then it should work with other indirect dmg sources like srams poison etc. too.

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This happens whenever a mob dies on it's own turn not just with glyphs

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Yeah, any indirect damage caused by players be it traps or poisons or glyphs.

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