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Ouginak 'Ruckus' bug on the Bow Wow after using Tracker

By VoidSettler - MEMBER - September 25, 2019, 11:47:15
Character name: Tushkin
Date and time: 25th September
Map: Astrub
Server: Nox
Bug description: After teleporting the Bow Wow to a new location using Tracker/Tracked, Ruckus does not seem to hit a monster next to the Bow Wow (Despite it facing the monster and being in the appropriate range for the spell).
In feels like mechanically the Bow Wow still behaves like it is in its old location after having teleported it for at least the sake of Ruckus. This problem is solved the moment the Bow Wow moves.
Reproducibility process: Place Tracking on target enemy, place Tracked on Bow Wow. (Make sure its travel path causes it to face the enemy in the end). Move your own character next to the enemy and hit it with Ruckus.
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