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Marine Palace key for Alert on La Madrague Beach Missing

By Meowsa - MEMBER - August 14, 2019, 21:32:04

Character Name: Succrier
Date and Time: 8/14/19 2:13pm EST
Map: Bilbiza
Server: Nox
Bug Description: The key to the Marine Palace has gone missing after logging out of the game while inside. The quest, Alert on La Madrague Beach, did not progress when I went inside the first time, so I cannot get back inside. The quest is not able to be completed in this state.
Reproducibility Process: Enter the Marine Palace as instructed during the quest Alert on La Madrague Beach. Log out of the game and close it. Log back into the game and attempt to re-enter the Marine Palace.

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I think that the event La Mädrague has already end on 12th August? Therefore you only can continue it next summer when its back again. 

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Why does it say I still have 11 days to compete it then? Either way it's bugged.

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