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Xelorium Main Quest broken.

By MrMeowgiMeow - MEMBER - August 09, 2019, 21:39:10

The second battle in Pandora's house (Past) with chad when they kidnap her is broken. I have tried it 3 times every time instead of being locked into battle my sprite just walks like he is on the map out of battle. And the all the NPC's have the same dialogs as when the scene first starts. Even working around the weird "walking" bug and beating the level at the end it just all resets when you re-enter the house.
Please fix this. All main quest line progress for everyone is now stopped here.

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Agreed, happened to me as well..
A trick I did is that, instead of targeting the opponent sprite, try targeting his portrait in the turn order at the right after moving where you wanted to, still, it's a pain..

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Yeah I figured that out, but even after winning that battle it all resets, even after giving you the next quest to go to the time rift thing. All the NPC say everything they said when you first entered too, its like that whole sequence of triggers and events got mangled in the update. Which is a drag because my main quest is stalled and I can't get the hourglass thing... I hope they fix this soon..

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Same exact glitch is happening to me, too. I can't progress at all.

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