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cactuc dungeon is bugged

By rahmun - MEMBER - July 18, 2019, 00:07:03

i have tried to do it 3 times. ponktius doe not lose his envu state.  i use all elements and there is no debuff for the elemets i use. he says invul for as long as i trie. please refund my time

Amakna i deman refund of my 4 hours of my live wasted

i have paid 120 euro to play this game with heroes and do dongeons and all i do is waste my time coz your bugs... this is an aceeptable 

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Well, he gets the buffs normal cacti get. You have to hit him with 10 AP worth of elemental dmg (not sure if MP counted too rn). Sure you did that? A picture of his stats and the log after you hit him would have helped.

I saw that the elemental challenges ain't failing currently, so maybe some spaghetti code is at work to not register the elements at all.

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Elemental effects still seemed bugged today for other various in-game mechanics as well; same as they were yesterday. According to the Issues/Bugs thread, it has been reported... 

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