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Kelba- Raskaws Hordes are gone

By heroofolympus - MEMBER - July 16, 2019, 07:39:55

I hve been going questline to obtain crow mount harness, finish all quests so far and last one left far raskaws hordes. They havent appeard a single time in two days and you cant even find them in quest list which displays all available enviromental quests of the area.

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i had the same probleme i lost hope on that mount months ago . i even had an alt in there the whole day it just didnt apear . maybe the quest was broken or somthing 

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By the way, for environment quest Horde to appear, local Clan Member wishes need to be fulfill first.  In this case, which mean the Raskaw monster population need to be keep at maximum 150 (if I recall correct the amount) to allow the possibility of the quest to appear randomly once per day.  

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