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Message in a Bottle (Bonta) Inaccessible?

By PoinkiiPoinkPoink - MEMBER - July 12, 2019, 05:43:44

Hi hello fellow forum community, I would like to ask if anyone of you have the same problem regarding with quest *Message in a Bottle*? It seems that we can't access the message in a bottle in Bonta. Maybe they should move it elsewhere? Any insights about this?

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Same issue here, Perhaps there is an item/artefact we need to bridge the gap? like the claws that scale the vines. Maybe only accessible with the Jumping gap jacks?

Edit: ... Just realised Jumping gap jacks are lv.115, so this can't be the case lol.
Perhaps just a bugged misplace then.

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Hope they'll fix it, so annoying xD

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They already replied on french forum that they'll fix it next week -.-

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Next week?!
Fixing this isn't so hard.. All they need to do is move the bottle 2 cells to the left..

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