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Souvenir Items bugged after update

By Silvernickel - MEMBER - July 12, 2019, 04:59:49

Hello Devs,

After some investigating, un-equipping gear and re-equipping, turns out my Souvenir items, 'Zinit Hat' and 'Dragolyre', did not give me any stats nor the AP and MP its suppose to give.

For example, before the update my Sacrier have 12 AP and 6 MP, and can do about 2k dmg to Nyl Shamans from the back, but after the update the Sac have 11 AP and 5 MP and now only dealing 1.1k dmg to Nyl Shaman from the back. And yes i have already distributed the mastery after the reset.

Please resolve this issue thank you.

Best regards,

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there's now a limit to how much negative crit chance you can have
how much crit chance do you have with those items on?

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Yes You must get better than -10 critical chance, then Your souvenir items get bonus.  So if Dragolyre get to You -6%CH and Zinit Hat -10% CH propably You get on stats -16% CH that why tehy dont get You bonus. Take 7 points on charakteristic to CH, then finaly You get -9%CH and souvenir wil be work ^^

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oh i see thank you for the feedback, i will try it later, yeah its around -16% CH

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