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Panda cutscene didn't start

By dreniat - MEMBER - July 12, 2019, 02:04:06
Character name: MarilynMonrogue
Date and time: 11/12/19
Map: Panda
Server: Rem

Bug description: Cutscene didn't start so didnt get the quest
Reproducibility process: not sure

Game logs:

I never got the quest from the cutscene. I noticed my rogue didnt get the cutscene but it wasn't until i went to other characters that i noticed I didnt' get the lvl 126 quest.

I can't find an npc to give it to me either.
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I have the same Issue. I dont get the Pandalucia quest. 
Map :  Panda
Server: Remington
Character Name : Lonicera
Date : 07/04/2019
Character level 189

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