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Impossible to complete paw patrol quest.

By MrPatataH - MEMBER - June 04, 2019, 13:44:32
Character name: - MrPerson
Date and time: 04/June/2019
Map: astrub
Server: Remington

Bug description:  Upon defeating morfor and exiting the dungeon, nothing changes. The game still tells me that i have to defeat mordor at 11 to 35 difficoulty.
Reproducibility process: just doing the mordor dungeon and finishing it.
Screenshots: Not needed.
Game logs: -

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You do realize that you have to adjust YOUR level, not the dungeon Stasis level, right?

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Nope. Sadly, the description is a bit ambigous... It's just obvious to people who did it at the expected level (while I'm doing it at level 71). They could have wrote "CHARACTER" level, because it really could have meant "from 11 onwards and then 35 is the max level". Oh well.

Actually it doesn't say level 35 max at a minimum stasis 11 for the dungeon, it says it backwards. Minimum stasis level 11 and at a max level of 35.

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I thought it was pretty clear. I was well over Level 35 by the time I got to that quest(you should be, given that the questline it is part of gets unlocked at some point past Level 50), and the quest step asked me to complete Morfor’s dungeon at Level 35 max at a minimum of Stasis 11 for the dungeon. Unless I remember the description of the quest step incorrectly but regardless, that’s what I did and I had no trouble progressing with the quest whatsoever.

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