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Puzzle in Merc Quest: Riktus or No Riktus? - Understand past events

By Sonnenkoenig - MEMBER - April 15, 2019, 15:39:43

Here the normal bug template:

Character name: Laretha
Date and time: 15.04.2019 ~15:30
Map: Amakna Prison
Bug description:
in said puzzle you have to push crates to highlighted areas. This worked once for me, but I failed. In every try after that the highlighted areas are missing thus I am not able to complete the puzzle. I tried the following:

- changing character and then back to the original character
- fighting against a random enemy then try again
- closed the program and open it again
- deleted and reinstalled the whole game

Nothing seems to help. Am I doing something wrong or is it the game?

Reproducibility process:
Talk to the prisoner in Amakna Prison as part of the Quest Riktus or no Riktus
Fail 1 time in the puzzle
Try the puzzle again -> thats where I got the problem.

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It happened to me back then too. Sometimes, no idea why, the green ending tiles do not appear, and you have to abort the puzzle and retry until they appear after ending the positioning phase.

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OK, now it worked. What I did:

Start the puzzle. Dont do anything but leave the game completely (do not give up the fight!). Then reload your character and if it is reproducable, the puzzle should be fine.

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