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This doesn't work - Edit: I got it to work here's a tip or two!

By GeeKayCrew#4457 - MEMBER - January 22, 2023, 08:01:37


Alright, I've got it to work. What happened was I was just met with some stubborn Reloading. I had to do two things so if you find yourself in this situation like me here's what I did and I hope it helps.

1) Remove your color IDs from the colors.xml until you've found the problem one.
For me, I only had a few entries, but the problem was from heartHPColor. Once I removed that from my list, the Reload Theme worked in game.

2) Once I added something back to the list, it immediately broke on the second reload. To resolve this, I reordered the list alphabetically, and restarted the client. It seems that once a theme fails to read correctly I had to do a client restart to get it to work. So all is functioning now!

A. The colors.xml file and your images folder work together to change your UI's colors. For example, certain elements are controlled by the colors.xml entries while others are colored directly in your Photo editing software.

B. When you go to from the how to guide you can edit the portion of the link that says /themeSimple.png to a different file name. The file names are found inside the JSON. It opens directly in your web browser or you can open it with Notepad. For example. from the JSON I can see there's another texture called themeSimple2.png. My new link would look like this
You'll see in the Textures the various file names they utilize for the Wakfu in-game images etc. When you open this file up you can then right click the image to save it and from there edit it with your preferred editing software.
You'll see a lot of different pictures, many you'll recognize and can recolor instantly to your liking or change quickly, but others may not be so obvious so play around and explore!

I've been having a lot of fun with this and I hope these two tips help anyone get started on their work!


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