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[Theme] Wakfu dark theme : black and gray version

By Kiramani#3481 - MEMBER - December 20, 2021, 18:15:22

Hello everyone,

I wanted to make a little dark theme for myself while waiting for more competent people to create more qualitative themes. So why not share my work with you!


I am not a dev, I am not a graphic designer, my skills in both areas are limited or nonexistent. The theme was mostly created with color inversions, black and white, or play on contrast and brightness, so it is not particularly aesthetic or always readable. So please be indulgent!

You can download the theme in .ZIP on GitHub and see how to install it in this tutorial (FR version) from MethodWakfu.

Here are some previews of the theme:





For your feedback, contact me via Discord: Martin#4316

We hope this has been useful to you,

~ Martin
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I just pushed a new version to correct several problems as well as improve the aesthetics of some buttons:

  • The heart of life meal in red
  • Reduced black to make it a little more gray
  • Improved search bars
  • The filter on the kinds used is dark and whiter
  • Correction of the white line at the top of the chat
  • Buttons now have a less disturbing contrast
  • Fixed readability of achievement / hero level counter bar
  • Modification on the end of combat interface

Do not hesitate to give me your feedback!
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link theme

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Hello everyone !

New themes starting to pop up everywhere, I want to point out that this theme will not be updated or improved.

Thank you to the various competent graphic designers who give their time to make qualitative interfaces. Hoping to have been able to help out some of you with mine in the meantime!


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Where can I get the basic theme (light theme) to create my own theme?

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Woah. Amazing theme !! Thank you very much

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Having trouble getting this to work really. What step am I missing after extracting to the theme folder?

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