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[Theme] Shushu (w.i.p)

By Bluhen#6777 - MEMBER - November 19, 2021, 06:34:26

Hi everyone!

This is my first attempt at creating a Theme for Wakfu based on the Shushus! My favorite creatures in the Krosmoz.

My goal was to create a UI that was dark but also felt alive, like it was constantly stalking you at every corner. Working with their color scheme was something very tricky to do but I tried to keep it as loyal to the Shushu design as possible.

I'm still trying to fix some things but do let me know your impressions! I'll try to update it frecuently and improve it.

So, without further ado here it is!

  • Dark UI, very little white.
  • Interactuable eyes. I replaced most of the buttons with eyes and gave them some sort of 3-frames animation (idle, when you over the mouse over them and another for when you press them)
  • New sprites taken from different parts of the game (some even from Krosmaga and the Anime).

  • Access the link at the start of the thread and download the folder
  • Extract it and place the folder theme in C:\Users\(name)\AppData\Roaming\zaap\wakfu-beta
  • Launch the game

  • Some text might be missing or might be hard to read due to the color merging with the darker tones of the UI. I tried to make sure it didn't affected any important text such as Descriptions or Buttons, but do let me know if you have any issues or find some errors.
  • The icons on the bar at the bottom of the screen are missing, this is intentional. The icons (politics, guild, spells, etc) overlapped with the eyes and messed the "alive" feeling that I wanted to give to the UI. This theme might now be suitable for new players but if you love using shortcuts this shouldn't be a big issue.
  • Some icons such as Trading, Marker, Exit, Gathering and such were maintained to avoid confusion.

I had a lot of fun making this and a huuuuuge thanks to the Dev Team for making modding possible in Wakfu!

Please do let me know your feedback on the theme and also feel free to edit it if you want.

Shushu Class W H E N !
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Deeeem dude, I really liked it, I think u did an awesome job and I'm sure this will inspire a lot of people with all those Theme options being available from now on. Thank you!

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