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[Theme] Wakfu Dark - 1.76 [WIP]

By iNTiMiD4T0R#9728 - MEMBER - November 16, 2021, 07:08:18
Hi there,

I would like to present to you a wakfu dark theme, with tones of blue, grey and other shades.
The product is a work in progress still for the time being, since there are elements which I have to find and touch up on even now.
Will share some screens about how it looks for the time being, and also share all the files related to the same.
You can thus use the files and make any modifications you want.

Previews :

Working to figure out that button dark issue, Will get that done eventually.

Settings menu

Tab's figured out, Moving to buttons and things later

Character selection :
Fonts needs color change on this part. Since they are too dark and unreadable.It is now readable!

In-game windows and elements

The files can be found at this github repository :
Feel free to let me know about places which still have readability issues, or weird color combinations any imperfections or oddities you might run into. I will be happy to fix them!

Update 2022 :

08/07 - Compatible with version 1.76 (No missing icons)
Changes to text colours, made them readable.
Changed quest display, achievement and eco quest display windows.
Will get the buttons and interactive icons to the design language soon. - Done
Thank you for all the support.

Working on the rest of the parts,
They will all receive changes.

P.S : First attempt and still a work in progress theme.

Guide - How to download and Install a theme (youtube)

Special thanks :
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it looks like the interface of dofus v0 biggrin
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Hey there !
Started Wakfu a week ago and wanted to congratulate you on your theme. It really make the game more readable and beautiful wub
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Best theme ATM the other are too flashy to be comfortable for everyday's use
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Thank you!
I have updated the theme a bit since,
There are still some parts which are bothersome, but rest assured.
They will be covered as I figure out which one does exactly what and where they are in the theme files.

Progress so far and what to do in upcoming pushes :

Added : -
- New window colors
- New Icons / Some are colorful other ones are white to make them visible
- Main button got fixed. Added a shiny orb aura to that.
- Some other things here and there.
- Pet Food Icon - Fixed
- Spell Display, Market board table - Color corrected.
- Item Display window - Now on the theme format.
- Project files (PSD) files are now included (On another repo),

- To Do -
- Find and fix the text input bars.  - Done
- Fix the Tabs within the spells and equipment window.
- Fix parts which might be missing
- The player passport and clan member intro book/page is still the same.
- Parts which sticks out of the main windows (Market Sell/Buy Stand/ Guild etc.) items
- Further font color fixing to make it more coherent.

Need more info/help :
- End of fight screen window text display part seems to be unmodifiable for the time being.
Needs some insight into that.
- Any part of the theme files which you can help with to sort out is wholeheartedly welcome.

Thank you again! ph34r
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08/07 - Compatible with version 1.76 (No missing icons)Updated for 1.76 : -
  • Missing icon for inventory (new)
  • Character icon tabs left of the spells and equipment window.
  • Gear selector button
  • Subtle shadows added to icons in general.
  • Player passport and clan member intro book (fixed)
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Hi, thank you for your theme, it's great, but it's normal that there are no crowns displayed ?

Hi, I would like to know if you intend to take advantage of the 1.77 update to update your theme smile
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That is not intended, I will check and see why is it not showing up, Will fix it.
Thank you for pointing it out!

Fixed that, and some more

Thank you, Do let me know if you run into broken things.
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Hi, I would like to know if you intend to take advantage of the 1.77 update to update your theme smile

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Instalei aqui o tema, ótimo trabalho. Parabéns!
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I can not for the life of me fidn the download button on the github page. someone please point it out. I really want this theme
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